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Protein bars
Peanut Butter

Healthy lentils and quinoa chips:

  • Whole grain tomato flavored quinoa chips

  • Whole grain quinoa chips with sea salt

  • Whole grain lentil chips with cheese

Whole grain snacks suitable for vegans, it is also a great source of fiber.

Me2U offers healthier and extremely tasty, fluffy and crunchy whole grain chips. Give in to the crunchiness temptation.

Cereal bars

Cereal bars are rich in seeds, berries and other great ingredients that are a healthier snack alternative. It comes in four flavors:

  • Coconut cereal bars

  • Banana & Strawberry cereal bars

  • Nuts & Linseed cereal bars

  • Raspberry & Cranberry cereal bars

Me2U cereal bars are the perfect choice for breakfast; when you're in a hurry; for a snack between main meals; when you're hungry on the go or when running out of energy before/after sports.


The range of nut creams include:

  • Crunchy Peanut Butter

  • Smooth Peanut Butter

Peanut butters are a great source of protein with no added sugar, suitable for vegans. Peanut butter is made from 100% of the highest quality peanuts harvested in Argentina. The medium-roasted peanuts give peanut butter a light sweet taste.


The objective of ME2U Hematogen is to supply the body with iron, which is vital for the proper functioning of the body.

  • Iron reduces fatigueness.

  • Helps maintain red blood cells, controls hemoglobin level.

  • Helps maintain a constant energy level.

Me2U Hematogen is made from milk and not milk powder. This product is a natural source of iron.

Protein Wafer Chocolate

A chocolate covered waffle is a great snack not only after a workout, but also when craving something delicious.

Bars consist of more than 35% protein and also low in sugar - only 7.5 g.

Five perfect flavors which bring you energy:

  • Coconut protein bars

  • Chocolate protein bars

  • Peanut butter protein bars

  • Cookies and cream protein bars

  • Salty caramel protein bars

Protein bars can be consumed before, during or after activity or when there is a need for a healthy snack. Especially beneficial when the body needs extra energy or faster muscle recovery.

Me2U protein bars contain 30% protein, 10% fiber, no GMOs.

The uniqueness of Me2U protein bars is the cookie pieces inside the bars, which give a pleasant crunch to the bars.

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