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Me2U together with padel!

Me2U supports and enhances the rapidly growing sport of paddle tennis!🎾

We awarded the winners of the tournament with the prizes of Me2U during the sea festival in Klaipėda and contributed to the installation of pitches on the seashore!


More colors to sport!

Events abound in summer so why not spend your time not only fun, but also useful?💪

The colorful event “The Color Run” every year invites many active people of all ages to Vingis Park, where participants have the opportunity to be recorded by running through Me2U's colored foam arch and regain strength by tasting healthy and delicious snacks! 🎉

2023 08 27

River mazes together with Me2U

One holiday is replaced by another, but we are still happy with Midsummer's day canoeing "JONO UPIŲ LABIRINTAIS'23", where Me2U cereal bars enhanced the good mood and strength of the participants! 🚀

Through the fast bends of the river together swam Me2U ambassador traveler Aurimas Valujavičius - during his trip across the Atlantic, Me2U nut cream and cereal bars were an integral part of his diet, helping him not run out of energy and determination. 💣 Charge up your energy and defeat your Atlanteans! ✔

2023 06 24

Roll into the summer cheerfully!

Have you noticed Me2U + Citybee cars rolling not only around Lithuania, but also other Baltic countries?!🚗

During trips to the most beautiful places, we bring the message about healthier snack alternatives - the first lucky ones not only reach their destination in bright and cheerful cars, but also find cereal bars and whole grain lentils chips in the cars!

Let the summer be full of excitement and delicious moments!🎉🎉

2023 06-07

Aurimas Valujavičius rowing journey across the Atlantic

Self-belief is an immeasurable source of human strength and power!

This is evidenced by Aurimas Valujavičius, who crossed 8,000 kilometers across the Atlantic Ocean, for whom this test of unfathomable size was another brave life adventure.🌊

An adventure that will go down in the history of Lithuania and people's memory as a reminder to never stop believing in yourself and your dreams, which can even cross the deep depths of the Atlantic.

The entire Me2U team watched, supported and cheered for Aurima's challenge. It is difficult to find words to describe such courage and determination! 👏


Another season with BC "Rytas" Vilnius

Like most Lithuanians, we are rooting for basketball and our basketball team “Rytas” Vilnius!🏀

Tasty Me2U bars help team members to recover their strength after training and matches.💪

We are happy to contribute to the activities of the beloved team and the cultivation of common values: the popularization of an active and healthy lifestyle and sports in our country and beyond.